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  • " I have been buying the Skywalker OG for months now and I couldn't get enough of the savory taste it provides. Of course, I've used other brands too and few have quality as good as Dank Vapes cartridges. I like the taste and terpenes too except for that soury skunk stuff. Because of how much I enjoyed them, I picked up the Strawberry Cough and Sunset Sherbet, a hybrid that is rich in taste... guess what, I still buy them every week "

    Pierre Larouchi

  • " I must say the first time I order 3 cartridges I wasn't sure since I was still new to vaping and still experimenting but the Blue Dream vape cart got me hooked I love the fruity flavor, the terpenes is mild and the sweet smell makes me relax. Pretty good to take after a busy day "

    Ms. Michelle Adams