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Retains the most ingredients of the natural plant. HIGH THC UP TO 85% SHOP NOW EXPLORE Exclusive flavors, blended for the smoothest taste. SALE OFF 25% DANK VAPES CARTS SHOP NOW

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DANK VAPES SHOP provides cartridges you can rely on with high THC and scintillating flavors.

DANK VAPES is proud to be your marijuana vape cartridge provider. With a high standard of providing the best cannabis oil possible, we are continuously working to improve our methods, products, and your experience.

Vaping is favored by thousands of cannabis patients in California and around the world. Our vaping products are also edible, it’s the best of both worlds! Vape or consume orally. Edible cannabis can be great for pain relief, due to the whole-plant benefits. Buy DANK VAPES cartridges and vape to your hearts desire as a sugar-free supplement or simple edible.

At DANK VAPES®, we strive to provide the very best cannabis oil possible. This means emphasizing the diverse profile of cannabinoids and terpenes found within the living plant. It can be easy to focus on THC and CBD by themselves, but we miss out on the impactful “ensemble” aka “entourage” effect of cannabinoids and terpenes when using isolates. Thanks to our new etraction process, we can recreate the terpene profiles unique to each strain and minimize the loss of essential compounds during processing.

  • " I have been buying the Skywalker OG for months now and I couldn't get enough of the savory taste it provides. Of course, I've used other brands too and few have quality as good as Dank Vapes cartridges. I like the taste and terpenes too except for that soury skunk stuff. Because of how much I enjoyed them, I picked up the Strawberry Cough and Sunset Sherbet, a hybrid that is rich in taste... guess what, I still buy them every week "

    Pierre Larouchi

  • " I must say the first time I order 3 cartridges I wasn't sure since I was still new to vaping and still experimenting but the Blue Dream vape cart got me hooked I love the fruity flavor, the terpenes is mild and the sweet smell makes me relax. Pretty good to take after a busy day "

    Ms. Michelle Adams